Restoration Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials of my restoration and repair clients for your reference.


Hi Florian,

I thought I’d let you know that the Goya feels great to play. The sound is much brighter and crisper than before. It’s also much more balanced between the bass and treble notes now. Sustain has improved too.

Jason C.


Hi Florian,

The guitar is holding up great!! The change in action has helped a lot, I can really lay into it and get a wide range of sounds with tons of dynamics to it. As far as the sound goes…… I think it sounds better then before […]. It also sounds great plugged in, as it did before. All in all an excellent repair, I am extremely happy!!

Thank you so much again!



I first met Florian about 4 years ago when he was showcasing his handmade guitars at a Luthiers Expo in Winnipeg. I was impressed with Florian’s work and contacted him shortly thereafter with some adjustments to a custom guitar that was built for me a few years ago. The work was impeccable and I returned to have an Anthem pickup installed which was again, very well done. As I own several high end guitars, I have continued to have Florian do any work that was needed and I have always been more than happy with his work. Florian is an incredible craftsmen and very creative in his approach to building stringed instruments. I highly recommend his work.

K. L.



Thanks for the great service replacing the tuners on my guitar.   They work really well and feel very precise.  I am very happy that you were able to find a solution given the non-standard spacing required.

Thanks again, it is very much appreciated.



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