Projector Model – Classical

The projector model is a progression of the experimental model, which I redesigned for acoustic efficiency from the skeleton up. Without disregarding traditional craftsman technique, it uses our modern understanding of guitar acoustics and applies them to every component possible. These instruments have a modern powerful sound, that can stand its ground performing unamplified beside a cello or a double bass.

Pictures, testimonials and sound samples are found below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or phone.

“The experimental guitar by Florian Vorreiter is an instrument which surpassed my expectations. When I practice, I hear the music in my mind how I would like to play it on an instrument. […] with this guitar I can express exactly what I intend to, because of its great contrast, tonal range and projection.
First of all, I have been astonished by its power. This guitar has impressive projection: it enables me to play in a trio with double bass and violin without difficulty, despite the fact that these instruments are generally much louder than the guitar. […] I also enormously admire the tone of this guitar. It is able to deliver distinct contrasts and therefore attains a sound that can be round and warm in one moment, and metallic and clear in the next. […]”

Read the full testimonial here.


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