Ordering a custom instrument

How the ordering process works:

Preliminary estimate stage

  1. Complete the form below so that I get an idea of what you are roughly looking for. Please note that all details can be adjusted and refined later on.
  2. If you have not heard back from me after 7 days, contact me via email or phone (in case there was a technical issue with the form).
  3. If you are having trouble with the online form or require my assistance, I can assist with filling out the form for you over the phone.
  4. You will receive a preliminary estimate, based on the submitted form. Once you confirm the estimate, the ordering process enters the ordering stage.
  5. Instrument prices currently start at $7,200 plus tax and duty fees; FOB Winnipeg.

Ordering stage

  1. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due. This deposit will cover material expenses, and the consultation fee for reviewing the features/wood species and other details you request for your instrument.
  2. If the cost of requested wood species exceeds those of the base model, the deposit will increase respectively.
  3. If custom features are requested that might make the instrument hard to sell (in case you withdraw from the order before final payment), the full amount is due before the build starts.
  4. I will review the online form with you in detail, adjust the quote accordingly and have you sign off.
  5. I order all materials required, and ensure they climatize and season in my workshop before starting with the build.

Building stage


  1. The build begins approximately 3 months after all materials have arrived in my workshop.
  2. The build takes between 4 and 12 months. I will be in touch with you every now and then for updates, and sometimes contact you to clarify questions I might have for you.
  3. When the instrument is finished, I will set it up together with you, just like a tailor would to make the last final adjustments to a suit/dress.
Completion stage
  1. The final payment is due (if it hasn’t been collected previously).
  2. You receive your instrument.
  3. I will follow up with you a few weeks later to see if the instrument is set up to suit your needs perfectly.

Preliminary order form:

[Form id=”6″]

Contact me if you have any other questions.

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