Other features

Neck and Headstock Joint in a nutshell

V-JointThe decision for the type of headstock joinery is mostly an aesthetic decision. But some instrument makers insist that the v-joint provides more strength and rigidity than the Spanish scarf joint. And improved rigidity is beneficial to the sound, since less energy from the strings gets drained by the movement of the headstock.

Bracing techniques

-Under construction – The following types of top bracing are used in Vorreiter isntruments: – fan bracing (classical guitar) – fan bracing asymmetrical (classical guitar) – fan bracing extended (classical guitar with floating bridge) – X-bracing (acoustic guitar) – A-bracing (saz) More information will follow.

Tuning machines and pegs

Detail-Mechaniken-2The following tuner machines are currently used in Vorreiter instruments: – Pegs with 1:4 ratio and adjustable friction – Irving Sloane Classical Guitar Tuners – Waverley Tuning Machines . Other manufacturers (Graf, Alessi, etc. are available upon request).


Additional inlays

If you are interested in additional inlay, please contact me.

String number, setup and left-handed players

The amount of strings you need on your custom instrument can be changed according to your wishes. The action of the strings will be suited to your needs. Instruments for left-handed players are available – they need to be custom ordered and no extra charges apply.

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