Classical Ergonomic Guitar

Previously owned, 2005

This guitar was built during my studies in Markneukirchen, and it represents the third prototype of my research on ergonomic modifications.

The instrument had previously been loaned to a young promising artist for one year, and it did incur some minor wear on the finish. There is also a drying crack in the top, which will be splinted and retouched before selling the instrument. Since this guitar was originally built in Germany, I recommend to store it in an environment having a relative humidity above 50% r.h. at all times.

Also, the entire string setup will be reviewed before shipping, so that the playability of this guitar is equal to that of a new instrument.

(In case the Soundcloud player above does not work, you can find an audio sample here.)

I can perform minor tailoring to the buyer’s needs before shipping, such as adjusting the action at a desired height or changing the string spacing at the nut. If any questions remain, please send me an email or call me at +1 (204) 869-0607.




Width of neck at the nut:

Width of neck at the 12th fret:

Width of string spacing at the nut:

Width of string spacing at the saddle:

Neck thickness at 1st fret:

Neck thickness at 9th fret:

Action at 12th fret:

650 mm

52.0 mm

62 mm

43 mm

62 mm

~21 mm

~23 mm

3.5 – 4 mm


Top wood:

Body wood:

Neck wood:

Bridge wood:

String type:

Picea abies (German Spruce)

Dalbergia sissoo (Indian rosewood)

Cedrela odorata (Spanish Cedar)

Dalbergia sissoo (Indian rosewood)

Savarez Alliance/Corum (normal tension)

Construction Details

Bracing type:

Weight principle:

Back principle:


Acoustic character:

7-strut fan bracing, asymmetrical

light and responsive

transferring sound to the musician

1223 g

“vintage” sound with sweet trebles and a very warm and powerful bass


Pre-owned model:

If ordered as Custom Build:

Current waiting period:


$ 3,200

$ 6,500

Please allow 1 month for refurbishing

The newer ergonomic models differ significantly in style from the photo above. Headstock, rosette and top outline are as seen on the Traditional Classical Model.

Please note: All prices are FOB Winnipeg and exclude taxes and customs duties. Guitar comes with a custom-fitted tweed case. If you are interested in buying this instrument, please send me an email or call me at +1 (204) 869-0607.

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