Methods and Approach

The emphasis is on traditional construction methods and state-of-the-art knowledge from research as well as elaborate measuring procedures (Chladni-modes, FFT-Analysis, deflection measurements).Vorreiter-Instruments are of exceptional quality and aesthetics.

The unique sound of Vorreiter-Instruments is accomplished by combining intuition and scientific procedures. Every instrument is unique and made according to the material properties of the woods used. Aesthetic details are adapted to each instrument individually and make it an unrivalled work of art.


Florian Vorreiter was born in 1978 in Kassel, Germany and grew up in Berlin. His love for music and fine arts led him to start playing the violin at age six and take up drawing with a passion very early. In his youth he switched from violin to guitar, and focused on his favourite techniques – spray cans, pencil and airbrush. At age fifteen he was fortunate enough to be mentored in airbrushing technique by Gernot Bubenik, which left a deep impression on Florians style and technique for years to come.

His father, who was restoring instruments for a museum for many years and repaired instruments in his workshop at home, first exposed Florian to lutherie. Later he met Izzedin Temo, a musician who plays and makes Tanbur. These two people have influenced him substantially to become a luthier.

Florian Vorreiter has worked with the luthiers Hagen SchifflerAndi NeubauerAnton Domozhyrov and Allan Beardsell.

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