Performer Testimonials

“We played at Florian’s Grand Opening while in town from Europe, and it was our favourite show in Winnipeg! The acoustics of the venue are great because of all the wood (especially if you’re playing a handmade Vorreiter guitar), the setting is unique and beautiful, and the atmosphere was festive yet focused; you could hear a pin drop while we were playing. We would be thrilled to play there again next time we’re in town!”

Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid (CAN/NL)

Playing at Florian’s shop was overall a sweet experience.  Florian is kind and open, aiming to benefit not just himself as a host but also to make it a worthwhile gig for artists.  The venue is central, warm, clean, and full of character.  I was happy to invite my fans to this location.  Sometimes venue owners can be a hassle to deal with, making their presence an awkward part of the event, and in this way Florian is like the anti-venue owner.  When you are there, he is part of your team, and his presence is welcoming, sure, relaxed, and gentle.  Another reason I liked the venue was the Wolseley location – I found that it was a cross-over location that appealed to both my older and my younger clientele.  That venue, more than most, brought in an even representation of age.

Erin Propp
Singer & Songwriter

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