Asides from custom built instruments, the product lines available at the store are constantly expanding. The newest available items are climate cases and adjustable humidity sensors (calibrated specifically to the Winnipeg winters).

Tuning Machines – Rubner “Alder Brook” Custom 39mm

I recently placed an order for custom-milled German-made tuners. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong post spacing (39mm), and therefore couldn’t use them on my client’s instrument. My mistake – your advantage. You can purchase this brand new set at cost for only $228 directly here via Paypal. Shipping included across North America.

Climate Control & Accessories

The Hygroset 2 is one of very few adjustable digital hygrometers. I personally calibrate them with a sling psychrometer to the dry conditions (@ 35%rH) of our local prairie climate, and they properly indicate when things get too dry. Not many hygrometers do this accurately.

Also, we carry products such as:

– Pickups, microphones and preamps by K & K Sound

– Pickups and preamps by AER

– Various brands of strings

Ergoplay guitar supports.

Other products and brands are available upon request. If you have any questions regarding certain products, we would be happy to advise you.

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