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Maxime Perron 2014“The experimental guitar by Florian Vorreiter is an instrument which surpassed my expectations. When I practice, I hear the music in my mind how I would like to play it on an instrument. But often instruments don’t respond sufficiently and prevent me from realizing what I hear inside. But with this guitar I can express exactly what I intend to, because of its great contrast, tonal range and projection.
First of all, I have been astonished by its power. This guitar has impressive projection: it enables me to play in a trio with double bass and violin without difficulty, despite the fact that these instruments are generally much louder than the guitar.
The bass range of Florian’s experimental guitar is also very persuasive; it allows me to effortlessly play the bass lines, giving them equal and fluent emphasis next to the melody in the treble.
I also enormously admire the tone of this guitar. It is able to deliver distinct contrasts and therefore attains a sound that can be round and warm in one moment, and metallic and clear in the next.
In addition, within the scope of my studies I must interprete music of various epochs and several styles. With this instrument, I can play music of the romantic epoch as well as of the classical Spanish epoch. The sonority of the guitar adapts well to the various styles.
Another characteristic of this guitar which has been an a pleasant surprise is its light weight. Florian built this guitar to be as light as possible, without compromising its performance.
In short, due to all the possibilities that this guitar offers, I can advance my interpretations much further, and even improve my professional skills.”

Maxime Perron, Professional Guitarist
Québec, QC

I have known Florian Vorreiter for two years. In my capacity as both a professional guitarist (who has had the good fortune to demo Mr. Vorreiter’s creations) and professional photographer (who has provided the photography for Mr. Vorreiter’s website and promotional materials), I am uniquely qualified to comment on the aesthetic and musical quality of his instruments.
Florian’s guitars are not only innovative for the sake of innovation. They are, in fact, the product of a long, disciplined education […] rooted in ancient European tradition, driven by a fiercely intelligent, seeking mind. The attention to detail, unique aesthetic, and truly impressive sonic quality evident in his guitars far outstrips what I have seen in the work of most other young luthiers of his station.
In addition, I believe Florian possesses a certain single-minded dedication and headstrong belief in his own work, overshadowed only by his humility and ever-present eagerness to learn. He also has a strong desire and affinity for teaching others what he has learned. I believe he has a tremendous future ahead of him, and, if he keeps at it, could well be regarded some day as one of Canada’s finest instrument makers, full stop.

Art Turner, Professional Guitarist and Photographer
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I have had the pleasure to play on Florian’s classical guitar and was very pleased with the instrument. At first sight, its aesthetics were pleasing to the eye, with straightforward lines, and upon taking a closer look, I fully appreciated the very high quality workmanship exhibited by the instrument. This guitar felt quite light and immediately comfortable to hold in the playing position. As I played, the neck felt very natural and was very even to the touch throughout. The instrument responded wonderfully, whether I played softly or fast and I got a surprisingly good volume out of it, despite the low action of the strings. Florian’s guitar simply felt natural to play on, providing a great musical experience!”

Fabrice Gueguin, Amateur Guitarist
St-Lambert, Quebec

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