2014 Concert Lineup is finalized

As of 2014, we are proud to offer a concert lineup with 6 upcoming events until summer. A limited amount of season’s tickets will be available shortly. To see the lineup, click here.

What is happening on the workbench these days:

After exhibiting the recently finished Cigar Box Guitar and the Baglama in Montpellier this October, I am back in the workshop working on the Storyteller Guitar Project and other guitar builds. I am accepting repairs at the time, but there currently is a wait list until June. However, I do assess incoming repairs right now, and then I schedule them for the next available slot.

Repairs and Restorations:

For inquiries about instrument repairs, please contact me via phone or email. Assessments are free of charge, and best performed in the store where I can see the instrument and use my tools to ascertain its condition. The most extensive restoration I currently have underway is a Martin 00-18.  At the moment I am finishing up the restoration, and I hope to be stringing this guitar up within the next two weeks. For your reference and curious instrument aficionados, I have uploaded extensive work documentation with pictures on this website. Feel free to take a look at how I performed a  lute top replacement and neck reset, a bridge reglue on a Martin D-28 and  a Washburn Mandolin overhaul.

What instruments are for sale at the moment?

Currently several instruments are available. Please click on the links below for more information. Cigar Box Guitar, 2013 Baglama, 2013 Classical Traditional Guitar, exhibition model, 2009 Classical Ergonomic Guitar, pre-owned model, 2005

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