Crowdfunding for the Storyteller Guitar Project started!

The storyteller guitar project is redefining the relationship between musician and luthier. Both are artists in their own domain and our intention is to focus on artistic collaboration that brings the two artists closer together, engaging the stories and skills of both in the creation of a custom-made instrument.

The traditional demands of custom instruments must be met, including setup, voicing and model design. However, collaboration between artists allows these instruments to grow beyond the average custom guitar build, and create instruments that stand alone as unique and meaningful works of art.  Integral design elements are being complemented by aesthetic and acoustic components that incorporate the the story and experiences of the musician into the guitar’s construction and design.

This approach also comprises a different view on how musicians can afford instruments that are usually affordable only for a select few. We will use crowd-funding to provide musicians with instruments that match their skills and showcase the artist’s songs through a fundraising concert.

This project needs your support! Go to our crowdfunding page to watch a beautiful short movie about what we do and what inspires us, check out the awesome rewards and help us realize this project:

reduced pricing on exhibition and pre-owned guitars

Now there is extensive pricing information on this website regarding exhibition and pre-owned guitars that are currently for sale. I added galleries, sound samples and specifications (basic measurements that are relevant to musicians and the “feel” of the instruments). You can find these pages at:

Classical Traditional Guitar, exhibition model, 2009

Classical Ergonomic Guitar, pre-owned model, 2005

repairs and restorations:

For inquiries about instrument repairs, please contact me via phone or email. Assessments are free of charge, and best performed in the store where I can see the instrument and use my tools to ascertain its condition.

The repair picture section is continually growing. I added another instrument repair I have started to work on: a Martin D-28. It is “only” a bridge reglue, but I found it is an excellent example to outline why luthiers are so adamant about aged wood and controlled climate. You can find the first few pictures here.

I am also still working on the very popular lute top replacement, which has just turned into a major overhaul – the neck was reset as well. I separated both restoration processes, catering to those who are looking for specific information a specific procedure.

Another exciting restoration I currently have underway is a Martin 00-18.  At the moment I am focusing on closing numerous cracks in the sides and the top, and also some  correction of the head block position. This restoration should yield some very diverse and interesting pictures in the next weeks and possibly months. I also created a short video demonstrating how I use a video camera inside of the guitar and magnets to perform restorations in areas which are difficult to reach.

handcrafted vorreiter guitars

I have been working on a new and fun project (dubbed “reclaimed materials guitars“) with my apprentice Lucas. We are currently starting to build our own custom-wound pickups, and are very anxious to hear and share the results of our work.

Also, I am in the process of developing a new classical model with a substantial amount of features from the experimental model, and also a parlour acoustic model with a focus on tradition and vintage. Updates about these two instruments will be available in the section “Storyteller Project“.

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